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0. EOS Utility 2.14.1 Updater for Windows

Outline EOS Utility is an application that brings together all of the functions required to communicate with the camera. Functions for downloading and displaying images, remote shooting, and camera control of each setting when an EOS DIGITAL camera is connected to a computer have been integrated. Update History Changes for EOS Utility 2.14.1 Updater for Windows : - Supports EOS Kiss X70 / EOS Rebel

1. Is Live View shooting possible with this model?

Solution List of Models that Come Equipped with the Live View Function (EOS DIGITAL) List of Focus Functions When Shooting with Live View You can shoot while viewing the picture on the camera's LCD monitor. This is called "Live View shooting". NOTE Live View shooting is effective for photos of still subjects. You can magnify the image on the LCD monitor 5x or 10x and focus precisely with manual fo

2. EOS Utility does not work properly / uninstalling (deleting) and re-installing EOS Utility (Windows 8)

Solution Uninstalling (deleting) EOS Utility Reinstalling EOS Utility Please follow the procedure below to uninstall (delete) EOS Utility and then re-install the software. CAUTION Exit any applications before uninstalling EOS Utility. Uninstalling (deleting) EOS Utility 1. Move the pointer to the bottom right side of the screen. When the Charms bar is displayed, move the pointer up to select [S

3. Does the camera come with a Superimpose function?

Solution Superimpose display lets you check focused AF frames. "-": No function setting model nameSuperimpose functionDisplay settings Switching functionsFunction setting EOS-1D XYesYes"AF point display during focus" EOS-1Ds Mark IIIYesYes"AF point display during focus" EOS-1Ds Mark IIYesYes"AF point illumination" EOS-1DsYesYes"AF point illumination" EOS-1D Mark IVYesYes"AF point display during fo

4. How do I add the date and time to my pictures? (ImageBrowser EX Ver. 1.0.1 or later)

Solution Displaying the date in images Inserting the date into images you print out Displaying the date in images This camera cannot record the shooting date directly on the images it takes. To display the image and the date (the shooting date) at the same time, there are the following ways to do that. Display the shooting information when playing images back. Insert the date when printing images

6. How to minimize the phenomenon where the four corners of an image appear darker (Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction)

Solution What is lens peripheral illumination correction? What is lens peripheral illumination correction? Due to the lens characteristics or shooting conditions, the four corners of the picture might look darker. This is called lens light fall-off or drop in peripheral illumination. To correct images that are affected by lens peripheral illumination, you can either set the correction setting on th

7. Compositing Images in Digital Photo Professional Ver.4.x

Solution You can combine two images into a single image. You can further combine images by adding another image to the composited image. Since the composited image is saved as a separate image, the original images remain as they are. IMPORTANT On 32-bit Windows OSs, this function is not available. NOTE This function can be used with all image types supported by Digital Photo Professional. The col

8. Setting color matching with Digital Photo Professional Ver.4.x

Solution Color Management System (Color Matching) Step 1. Setting the color display of the monitor Step 2. Setting the application to reflect the monitor and printer settings Color Management System (Color Matching) Digital cameras that shoot images, monitors that display images, and printers that print images each have a different way of creating color. For this reason, there may be a difference

9. Uninstalling (Deleting) and Reinstalling Digital Photo Professional Ver.4.x (Windows 10)

Solution Uninstalling (Deleting) Digital Photo Professional Ver.4.x Reinstalling Digital Photo Professional Ver.4.x from Downloaded EOS Digital Solution Disk Software Please follow the procedure below to uninstall (delete) Digital Photo Professional Ver. 4.x and then reinstall the software. IMPORTANT Please exit any open applications before uninstalling Digital Photo Professional 4.x. Uninstalling

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